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A Little History... (as told by Mrs. Catering)

The BIG Day:
It all started when we decided to get married on what was the most popular day ever 7-7-07.

You know women, they start planning the big day when they're coming out of the womb. It was on a roll, I had everything done colors, flowers, maid of honor, and the invitations were being printed we decided to have an outdoor reception. Now all we have left is the Caterer and the DJ. We had no idea of the issues that were headed our way.

The Caterer:
Lets just say not much to choose from, especially here in Northern Michigan. Just like everyone else, we first looked at the restaurants for Catering. They only had set menus with set prices, Which we did not like at all.

My husband and I chose an independent caterer. Picked out our menu and what they would charge.We felt comfortable about who we chose at first. Then when our big day came and the caterers were setting up, they were dressed very unprofessional. All the food was set up in disposable dishes , with no warmers, and the food was very bland tasting on top of it.

The DJ:
When shopping around for a DJ. We ran into another problem all over, not much to choose from. The DJ we met with had sound equipment that was out dated and very pricey. We finally settled on one and gave him a deposit. A couple of weeks later we called with some questions and he would never answer or return with our calls. Guess what, we got taken for a ride. He never came out or called, and to this day still has our money.

Luckily we found someone, at the last minute. They were nice people and we got through the reception, but their music was very limited. Not very many people were dancing, and the party ended early.

This was when my new husband and I realized, there was a market for Catering and D.J. Services. We vowed from that day forward we would try to provide what people are looking for (fun), not just a set menu, with set prices. We want people to tell us what they want, we will do the rest.

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